Judged/Non-judged Monthly Exhibit
Sign In:  Each piece of artwork is to be entered in the Gallery Sign-In Folder and signed out when the artwork is sold or removed on the changing dates.   In addition, each artist should enter the piece(s) in their Artist Folder on the Personal File Registration Record. Use one line for each entry, do not remove filled up logs from your files. When work is sold or removed, please remember to update your personal file too. 

Fill out the LGAL Exhibition Gray Card:  (page 18) Please print all information completely and accurately. All information must be filled in: Your name, the title, medium, month(s) to be exhibited, date(s)/time(s) you will be in the Gallery to volunteer, and the price. All artwork must be for sale.  Attach the gray exhibit card to the front of the artwork so the Hanging Committee can identify.   They will place your gray card adjacent to your artwork.  Please do not mark or write additional comments on the exhibit card. Please place a personal label or your business card on the back of the artwork identifying your artwork so it is not misidentified.

Designated Changing Dates:  When bringing in new art work for exhibit, you may place your new artwork with the new exhibition card on the front in any voided area available within the main exhibit hanging area.  If a suitable place is not available, you may leave it on the floor against the wall in such a way as not to damage any piece of artwork behind it.  Place closer to the framing area rather than the front door.  When removing your artwork on the changing dates, please remove your gray exhibit card from the wall.

All artwork entered in the Judged/Non-judged Monthly exhibit must remain for the duration of the exhibit and only be removed on the changing dates.  If a work is sold, the artist will be notified and may bring in a piece of similar size to replace it.  The space will be reserved for a period of one week from the time of vacancy.  All Entries for October must be removed at the end of the exhibit for the Holiday Show in November.   All entries for the April show must be removed at the end of the exhibit for the May Studio Exhibit.

Artwork not signed out at the end of the exhibit month will be stored in the basement.  Artists will be contacted to pick up their artwork.  All artwork not picked up within 60 days, and the artist has been duly notified, will be considered a donation and become property of the LaGrange Art League.   

General Exhibit
Jewelry, sculpture, pottery, woodwork, painted furniture, scarves, bin pieces, etc. in the General Exhibit.
Entries may be brought in at any time and signed in the 3D-Folder or Bin-Folder and signed out when the entry is removed from the Gallery.  Artist should also log pieces in their Personal File Registration Record in their artist folder.  Use a separate line for each entry.  All work must be accounted for.  Include entry date, a title or identifying number for the piece, medium and price.  When art is removed from the Gallery, the date should be indicated and any sales should be noted on the form with the word “sold”.   Pieces intended for Judging must use the gray exhibition card.   Please contact the Gallery Chairman if you would like your piece to be judged in the exhibit.

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