Conditions of Entry

All Artwork (red sections are draft)
All artwork, regardless of classification, must be original, of excellent quality, properly registered, and prepared for exhibit as follows:


  • An original artwork results from an original idea or inspiration or executed from a photograph that you, the artist, has personally taken for his/her own use (non-commercial).  Inspiration from a painting, photo or classroom demonstration may also expedite an original concept, the resultant creation being considered original.
  • Copies of paintings, published photographs, internet images, and other art mediums are not considered original.  The Gallery Committee has the responsibility of screening artwork to be exhibited and making decisions on background.  No copyright infringement shall be evident in the artwork.
  • Artwork created in the classroom cannot have been worked on by the instructor.  Critiqued and instructed work is acceptable if original in concept and personally created.
  • Preformed molds, patterns, kits, and traditional assemblies of commercial products, etc. are not considered acceptable as original work.   An originally conceived piece creatively assembled from found objects is acceptable.

      Exclusivity/Availability for sale – Artwork exhibited in a gallery show must be available for sale exclusively at the gallery. They cannot be simultaneously for sale elsewhere (i.e. in an online store).  Artists may not remove artwork until the end of the show.  Only pieces sold at the gallery will be removed from the exhibit.  The price cannot be altered during the show.

      Conditions of Entry for Photography, Digital Art and Lithography

      • Originality, quality, and general “Guidelines for Exhibiting” apply here as well.  No duplicate images, regardless of size can be exhibited in the Gallery at one time.
      • All photographs, digital art, and lithography images are to be signed on the front by the artist, titled, and numbered with the edition (if applicable).  Unlimited editions are not acceptable.  If a single edition, no series number is required.
      • If sold in the monthly exhibit, replacement should be of a different image.  An image may only be exhibited for 2 months and one judged show.  

      Photographs can be either from film or digitally produced using waterproof archival inks and must be printed on high quality surfaces.  Image resolution should be no less than 300 pixels per square inch regardless of the size.
      Digital Art
      Digitally created images may be purely computer generated such as fractal or algorithmic art designed by the submitting artist.  The image may also be an original photograph taken by the submitting artist that is computer edited or manipulated using a computer graphic program.  Mixed Media, such as applying paint or pencil, is unacceptable.  Image resolution should be no less than 300 pixels per square inch regardless of size and printed on a high quality surface with waterproof archival inks.
      Lithography is a print making process using the principal that oil to oil mixes and water to oil does not mix.  Smooth stone or metal plates are prepped and designed by the artist.  They are manually put through a printing press to produce a fine art image onto archival paper.   The smooth stones or metal plates are to be prepped, designed, and processed manually by the submitting artist.  

      Conditions of Entry for the General Exhibit
      Jewelry, Sculpture, Pottery, Woodwork, etc.
      All of the above conditions for Monthly Exhibits apply here as well.  In order to be considered for judging, a gray Exhibition Card (see page 18) must be included.   Pieces in the General Exhibit, (non-judged) must have a sticker or tag with the artist’s name (not initials), a title or identifying code, the price, and date it came into the Gallery.  No business cards are to be displayed separately for jewelry unless used as a price card for little pieces (i.e. earrings).  Please keep all tagging small and discrete for an inviting and attractive display.  Felt or cork “dots” is required on the bottom of any artwork that might scratch surfaces.  The number of pieces allowed depends on available space and number of exhibitors.  Pieces in the General Exhibit may be in the Gallery for a maximum of 4 months.  Work should be signed in their respective Sign- In Folder.

      Please contact the Display Chairman prior to bringing in Jewelry pieces to the Gallery.  All other works, (sculpture, pottery, etc.) should contact the Gallery Chairman prior to bringing in their pieces.

      Bin Work – Originals, Photographs, Digital Art and Printed Reproductions
      Matted, unframed work and unframed stretched canvas or panels must conform to the standard of originality.  All pieces must be inserted in protective clear bags with an adhesive flap and have a proper backing board.   Clear bags in various sizes are available in the Framing Department at the Gallery for a nominal charge.  Pieces may be logged in the Bin Sign-In Folder at any time, labeled correctly in the front upper corner, and current.  Duration is 4 months and is limited to 10 pieces. Outside dimensions are not to exceed 24” x 30” and have a depth of no more than ¾ inches.  Please note, you must be juried in the medium(s) you are displaying.
      No frames or framing hardware is permitted on the backs of bin work or in the bin.  All works should be neat in appearance.  Marred or dirty mats, improperly wrapped/labeled works will be removed and the artist notified.  

      Printed reproductions of Paintings and Drawings
      Printed reproductions are permitted only in the bins and must be of the highest quality, printed with waterproof archival inks on archival paper.  Printed reproductions must be made directly from the original art by, or under direction of, the artist.  Pieces must be marked with the edition number, title (if any) and the artist’s signature.  Please completely and accurately fill out a LGAL label to be displayed on the front corner of the artwork clear bag.  For the Medium, please write “Print” or “Giclee Print”.   Only one image may be exhibited at one time in the Gallery.   Also, the original may not be in the Monthly Gallery Exhibit at the same time.  Optional but recommended: On the back, please list the original medium of the reproduction, the printing process used and the type of paper.  This may be placed inside the sleeve to be viewed from the back.

      Notecards and Cards
      Handmade cards are preferred.  Reproductions and photographs are accepted.  Either should be inserted in appropriately sized clear bags for protections.  Maximum size due to available display equipment is      5”x 7”.  The number of notecard packages and individual cards of one image is limited to a maximum of 5 each.   Please place your own label with your name and the price on the back of the clear bag.  The price label must be white and also placed on the back.  Due to the small size of cards, no labels will be allowed on the front of the sleeve.  No bright colored price labels are allowed.  Maximum number of cards allowed per artist will vary and depend on space available.  Please do not rearrange the card display.

      The Gallery Chairman, Hanging Committee, Display Chairperson, and Window Dresser are responsible for the appearance of the Exhibits in the Gallery and make final decisions in applying all guidelines. Our goal is to have an attractive Gallery and professional appearance for our art patrons.

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