Exhibiting At LGAL

The Gallery Director is responsible for the appearance of the gallery and makes final decisions for accepting work.  

Juried Members - Monthly Shows


● Juried members may submit one piece per member show.

● Artworks can be displayed for up to two consecutive months, and cannot be resubmitted for future shows.

● All work will be registered as follows when dropped off:

○ Sign In: Each piece of artwork is to be entered in the Gallery Sign-In Folder and signed out when the artwork is sold or removed on the changing  dates.

○ Artist Folder: In addition, each artist should enter the piece in their Artist Folder on the Personal File Registration Record. Use one line for each entry, do not remove filled up logs from your files. When work is sold or removed, please remember to update your personalfile.

○ Fill out the LGAL Exhibition Card: All artwork must be for sale. Attach the exhibit card to the artwork.

○ Designated Changing Dates: Please drop off work during published changing days. Any exceptions must be approved by the Gallery Director. All artwork entered in the Monthly exhibit must remain for the duration of the exhibit and can only be removed on the changing dates, or if sold. I f a work is sold, the artist will be notified and may bring in a piece of similar size to replace it. The space will be reserved for a period of one week from the time of vacancy.

○ All Entries for October must be removed at the end of the exhibit for the Holiday Show in November. All entries for the April show must be removed at the end of the exhibit for the May Student Exhibit.

○ Artwork not signed out at the end of the exhibit month will be stored in the basement. All artwork not picked up within 60 days, and the artist has been duly notified, will be considered a donation and become property of the LaGrange Art League.

● See Special Gallery Exhibits section for more information on the number of exhibits and awards.


● All artwork must be original in concept, and compliant with current copyright laws. Infringing upon copyright laws could bring serious consequences for the Art League and/or artist.

● Artwork created in the classroom cannot have been worked on by the instructor. Critiqued and instructed work is acceptable if original in concept and personally created.

● Preformed molds, patterns, kits, and traditional assemblies of commercial products, etc. are not considered acceptable as original work. An originally conceived piece creatively assembled from found objects is acceptable.

● Use of References:

○ Using personal photographs as references is preferred.

○ Copying photographs (including those from magazines, calendars, newspapers, etc.) or artwork originally created by another individual is prohibited and cannot be accepted. The only exception would be where permission to copy was granted by the original creator, or the inspiration/reference is copyright/royalty free.

■ In that case, the artwork must be signed with the artist’s name followed by (Original Artist) on the exhibition card.

○ Work should not be an exact copy of the inspiration reference. Exclusivity/Availability for sale


● Artwork exhibited in a gallery show must be available for sale exclusively at the gallery.

● The art cannot be for sale elsewhere (i.e. in an online store), and artists may not remove artwork until the end of the show.

● Only pieces sold at the gallery will be removed from the exhibit. The price cannot be altered during the show.

● If an artwork is sold, the artist may replace it with a new artwork.

Suitable Framing

● All work must be suitably framed, backed (when required), equipped with D-rings, and braided/coated picture wire of appropriate gauge.

● Frames are to be in good condition and free of obvious defects, surface scratches, chips, gouges, wide openings at corners, etc.

● Metal frames: Eyelet clips are usually supplied by the frame manufacturer. The principle of wiring the back is the same as for wood frames. Unframed stretched canvas pieces must have finished edges.

● Works are to be wired ⅓ down from the top and wire should not be visible when hung.

● Works on paper should be properly mounted and not have visible waves or wrinkles.

● The LaGrange Art League has framing hardware, spacers, and wires for sale at a nominal charge.

Not Allowed:

● Saw tooth hangers, screw eyes, wrapping twine, ribbon, excessive amount of wire, etc.

● Unfinished or stapled edges on unframed stretched canvas.

The Gallery Director will not accept improperly framed work .

Additional considerations for entry to monthly shows for Photography, Digital Art and Printmaking:

● Originality, quality, and general “Guidelines for Exhibiting” apply for Photography, Digital art and Printmaking. No duplicate images, regardless of size can be exhibited in the Gallery at one time.

● All photographs, digital art, and printmaking images are to be signed on the front or the mat by the artist, titled, and numbered with the edition (if applicable). Unlimited editions are not acceptable. If a single edition, no series number is required.

● If sold in the monthly exhibit, replacement should be a different image. An image may only be exhibited for 2 months and one judged show.

● Image resolution for photographs or digital art should be no less than 300 pixels per square inch regardless of the size.

● Photographs can be either from film or digitally produced using waterproof archival inks and must be printed on high quality surfaces.

● Digital Art

○ Accepted digital art must be original, and no less than 300 pixels per square inch regardless of size and printed on a high quality surface with waterproof archival inks.

○ Images created in Procreate or other digital programs are accepted as long as they meet all other standards.

Sales Commissions

A commission of 30% of the registered sale price will be paid to the Gallery for any sale or referrals as a direct result of exhibiting in the Gallery.

● Sales in the Gallery will be paid to LGAL. LGAL will subtract the 30% commission and pay the balance to the artist.

● Artists will pay LGAL a 30% commission on referrals that originate in the gallery.

● Sales from the League contract locations (banks, restaurants, offices) do not require a commission payment to LGAL. However, Sales from venues in which we do not have a written contract (libraries, community events) do require such commission payments to the League.


1. Sale of a work of art on exhibit in the Gallery.

2. Sale of art work not on exhibit, but as a direct result of viewing work in the gallery, or in LGAL

promotional media.

3. New work commissioned as a result of LGAL referral.

Special Gallery Exhibits

Judged Exhibits

● During the year, ribbons will be awarded at five judged exhibits.

● Awards are: Best of Show ($50 monetary award), First ($25 monetary award), Second, Third, Theme, and three Honorable Mentions (judges’ discretion). Judges are chosen from a wide range of sources by the appointed Judge Coordinator. Members are not eligible to act as judges.

● September – Edward Shaver Traditional Landscape Award

● November thru December – Holiday Show

● January – Charles Vickery Seascape Award

● March – Alla Jablokow Nature Award

● July – Jessie Minich Summertime Award

Featured Artist Exhibit

● For the months of October, February, April, June and August (months without a judged show) a LGAL member may be featured in an exhibit.

● The display is from change date to change date.

● For that month, the window display will feature the artist’s work and a Gallery exhibit area will be reserved.

● A reception for the featured artist may be held with the date and time agreed to by the artist based on availability of the Gallery and Staff. LGAL staff must be present for the reception.

● Eligibility

○ The artist must have been a member of the League for the last 2 consecutive years and have exhibiting privileges.

○ The artist must be an active member and have served on a LGAL committee(s).

○ The artist must have won significant awards in judged LGAL exhibits. (One major award - Best of Show or 1st place AND two other awards of any kind including honorable mentions), or rank as a top ten selling artists. Peoples choice awards and student show awards do not count.

Please contact the Gallery Director for further information and interest in a featured artist show.

Annual Student Show

● The exhibit features LGAL students that have taken workshops or classes in the Studio during the past year.

● Each student may enter one piece per instructor they have studied with.

● All students who have an email address on file from registration will receive a notification by email from their instructor.

● The exhibit is held for the entire month of May, change date to change date.

● The Student Show is a judged exhibit with ribbon awards with no monetary prizes.

● A reception is held and organized by the LGAL Studio Director.

● The student show is an exception where work can be marked as NFS (Not for Sale) Promotional Materials

● Members who have been juried in for exhibitions may apply to be included in the Member Artists tab on the LGAL website.

○ They can submit a short bio, and up to 3 images to be displayed.

○ A link to the artist website can also be included.

○ There is a fee of $20 for inclusion


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