Exhibiting in the Gallery

Classification of Entries

Monthly Gallery Exhibit - Judged/Non-Judged

The Main Exhibit includes only original, quality art works (no reproductions), all eligible for judging. 

This encompasses all framed or properly edged and finished 2-D pieces, 3-D wall hung or freestanding sculpture, ceramics, pottery, carved wood, jewelry, etc. 

General Exhibit
Includes bin work (reproductions and originals), cards, sculpture, pottery, scarves, jewelry in cases, etc. that is not part of the judged/non-judged exhibit.  

Exhibition Period
Monthly Gallery Exhibit - Judged/Non-Judged
The exhibition period for the Monthly Judged/Non-Judged Exhibit is from change date to change date, usually the last Friday and Saturday of the month.  The Gallery Committees arrange the exhibit on the following Monday.  The exhibition schedule is listed in the Membership Directory.  Please note, adjustments to the normal change dates due to holidays or other conflicts are sometimes necessary. The changing dates may not always be the last Friday and Saturday of a month.

All artwork must be brought in and registered on the changing dates to be eligible for the exhibit.

Late entries cannot be accepted.  For your convenience, you may have a designate bring in or pick up your exhibit entry.  Any hardships should be discussed with the Hanging Committee Chairman or Gallery Chairman and entry will be limited to one piece.   Artwork must remain for the duration of the exhibit and may not be removed before the changing date unless it has been SOLD. 

All dues are payable by April 1 each year.  On May 1 dues become delinquent for renewal and are subject to a late fee.  Newsletters and exhibiting privileges are discontinued until such time as dues are paid and a late renewal risks omission from the Directory.  If a membership is allowed to lapse for a full year, new member application is required and re-jurying is necessary for exhibiting.  

General Exhibit
Bin work, cards, jewelry, scarves, etc., not part of the main exhibit do not have to be brought in on the changing dates as they may remain in the Gallery for a maximum of 4 months.  

Quality of Work
Enter and properly present only your best work.  LaGrange Art League shows it’s Galley with pride.  The operations and appearance of the Gallery exemplifies our very best efforts.  It is expected that the members will show their best work and conform to the Conditions of Entry, Registration, Framing and Wiring.   These policies are necessary for the successful and professional operation of the Gallery.

Guidelines for Exhibiting
 Monthly Gallery Exhibit - Judged/Non-Judged
  1. One entry may be shown for a maximum of 2 months each, (not necessarily consecutive) only once in any judged exhibit.
  2. All work must be original.  
  3. All work must be for sale, with the price not to be changed during the exhibit.
  4. All entries must be current (3 yrs.) and in good condition.
  5. All work must be dry.
  6. All 2-D work must be suitably framed for hanging on LGAL’s wall system.  Click here to learn about Framing Procedures.
  7. Wall hung sculptures and fiber arts must be outfitted with a suitable hanging device.  No saw-tooth or non-standard hanging devices will be allowed.
  8. Size of artwork is not limited but a variety of sizes and prices is encouraged.  Exhibition of all pieces is dependent on space availability.
  9. Business cards may not be shown on the face of the artwork or on the wall next to it.  These cards are good for identification on the backside of the artwork.  A gray Exhibition Card should be completely filled out and will be placed next to the artwork when hung. Click here to learn about Gallery Exhibition Cards.
  10. All work must be entered in the Monthly Exhibit Sign-in Folder on the changing dates (no later) and must remain in the Gallery for the duration of the show unless sold.   No artwork is to be moved in the Gallery by the artist during the exhibit period.  Only the Framers may remove an art piece when a sold transaction is made. 
  11. All artwork will be screened for exhibition by the Gallery Committees.   Unacceptable work will not be displayed and the artist will be notified. 

Exclusivity/Availability for sale – Artwork exhibited in a gallery show must be available for sale exclusively at the gallery. They cannot be simultaneously for sale elsewhere (i.e. in an online store).  Artists may not remove artwork until the end of the show.  Only pieces sold at the gallery will be removed from the exhibit.  The price cannot be altered during the show.

General Exhibit  (Jewelry, pottery, sculpture, bin work, cards, etc.)
  1. All work must be neat in appearance and follow “Conditions of Entry”. Click here to learn about Conditions of Entry.
  2. All entries may be logged in their respective sign-in folder at any time.  Appropriately labeled and packaged.  
  3. Duration for all pieces is 4 months and should reflect the current season.
  4. Quantity of items displayed varies and may be adjusted at any time depending on space available. 
  5. Please do not re-arrange your pieces in the Gallery. 
  6. All entries and work is screened for exhibition by the Gallery Committees.  Unacceptable work will not be displayed and the artist will be notified.

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