Volunteering and Volunteerism


At least one volunteer will be required during all business hours in order to keep the Gallery open and operating properly.  Every member is encouraged to volunteer monthly.

If your membership level is ‘Artist Member Volunteer’ you must volunteer at least one half day each month.


Special volunteer opportunities are posted on our website.


A sign-up calendar will be on the desk on changing days and in the framing area the rest of the time.  It is required that all people exhibiting in the gallery work AT LEAST ONE HALF DAY EACH MONTH IN WHICH THEY ARE EXHIBITING.  The working shifts are 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Please remember your commitment, be on time and avoid leaving early.  LGAL depends on each Volunteer.

On exhibit change dates be prepared to sign up for this volunteer time.  If the calendar is full, fill in the following month.  If there should be a conflict and you need a substitute to work the hours for which you signed up, please select another date and arrange for your own substitute.  Also, contact the Volunteer Chairperson of any changes.

Exemptions from volunteering will be decided on an individual basis upon review by the LGAL Board.  Artist members who are published in a circulated printed copy of a national magazine or book are exempt.  (Newspapers, e-books, or virtual magazines are not included.)


Each Volunteer acts as a representative of the LaGrange Art League Gallery.  The continuing growth and success of the Gallery is dependent upon the enthusiasm and interest of each Volunteer.  A thorough knowledge of volunteer procedures and the business of the Gallery will increase your enjoyment as you contribute so generously of your time and effort.  Remember, too, our customers enjoy meeting artists and discovering the artwork.

The Gallery business should be conducted in a professional businesslike manner.  Answer the phone, greet the customers and offer assistance.  Engage in conversation regarding the artists and their artwork (but avoid pushing any one artist). Be ready to explain the aspects of the Gallery, that it is a member-run organization and that the work exhibited is that of local artists. Knowledge of the League history is beneficial, as well (refer to page 3).


  • Greet customers and be ready to assist them.  Say “Hello”
  • Answer the telephone with “LaGrange Art League and Gallery (and your first name)”
  • Assist artists with sign-in or pick-up of artwork on Gallery Exhibit changing day.
  • Call and remind any artist who has not picked up their artwork after a Gallery Exhibit change date.
  • Telephone volunteers for the next day
  • If a Demo is coming up, call a few members to remind them of it
  • Ask the GALLERY ASSOCIATE if she/he has any special duties you can perform.  The ASSOCIATES are here on a regular basis and are aware of extra things that need to be done.
  • Do not interfere with the work of the Framer.  THE GALLERY ASSOCIATE ALONE WORKS WITH THE CUSTOMER ON FRAMING ORDERS.  You may assist the customer with ready-made frames.


  • Straighten paintings on the wall but please do not rearrange or re-hang any pieces
  • Straightened unframed bin pieces, separating original work and reproductions.
  • Dust and clean tops and sides of glass cases
  • Clean glass on front door
  • Using Swiffer:
                  Dust all standard frames for sale
                  Swiffer stairs from studio down including between uprights on railings
  • Vacuum or sweep kitchen area floor
  • Swiffer down stairs to basement
  • Empty garbage from basement or anywhere that needs emptying
  • Vacuum gallery
  • Vacuum studio when it is empty
  • Wet Swiffer Studio floor when it is empty
  • Swiffer Studio blinds
  • Scrub counters in Studio
  • Clean up debris in courtyard

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